The teams agreed on the rules starts with the place

Команды согласовали правила стартов с места

Last week, the world Council of Motorsport approved the new rule of F1, according to which now after it started behind the safety car, drivers will be forced to still hold the standard starting procedure. However, only now the teams agreed to all conditions.

Despite the fact that the rule will apply not only in rainy weather, but also, for example, in the case of spilled oil on the track, all racers will be required to start on rain tyres Pirelli, because the main reason such starts are still weather conditions.

The laps behind the safety car will not be deducted from the race distance and will be considered a distribution if made directly during the first start behind safety car.

Riders starting from the pit lane will be permitted to catch up with the peloton in order to understand the conditions on the track, but before the full start procedure they will have to return to the pit lane.

Also drivers will not be allowed to drive into the pit lane behind the safety car, to put the intermediate tyres or slicks. Otherwise, they will receive a 10 second penalty. Besides, any driver that drove into the pits during the safety car, will be required to start from the pit lane.

It should be noted that riders are forced to start from the pit lane, not will be required to pass installation laps behind the safety car. Despite the fact that more fuel can be an advantage for them – don’t have to race to save the expense of the team came to the conclusion that these drivers will lose more from the fact that their cars will be heavier.

Under the new rules, overtaking behind the safety car is forbidden, but if someone happens to delay, he will be able to get around the other cars to return to their original place. If the driver does not have time to do before the end of the regime of the safety car, he will have to start from the pit lane.

If after a few installation laps behind the safety car conditions on the road will not get better, the race Director may order drivers back to the pit lane waiting for improvement.

It will not be deemed to be suspended the race, since she’s officially still won’t start. If the launch does take place, the second time the car will no longer start.

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