The team refused to host the rooms of the pilots on the “shark fin”

Команды отказались от размещения номеров пилотов на "акульем плавнике"

Ross brown expressed regret that the team rejected the proposal on the placement of the permanent rooms of the pilots on the “shark fin”.

Sports Director of the Formula 1 from the very beginning did not hide his dissatisfaction with aerodynamic solutions that have appeared on cars in 2017. To achieve a ban was only possible with the unanimous decision of the teams or FIA intervention to security concerns, but neither that, nor another has not occurred.

According to brown, this situation demonstrates that in F1 decisions are often made not in the interests of sport.

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“The situation is sad, because FIA President Jean Todt had the opportunity to give permission for the placement of permanent numbers on the machines so that the fans can better understand who passes by, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. Not every fan is able to distinguish the riders on the helmet and everything else.

We thought the “shark fin” would be a good addition to rooms. But half of the teams refused, saying that it was terrible.

This decision was tested. We showed pictures and all began to speak: “This is bad, we don’t want that.”

Команды отказались от размещения номеров пилотов на "акульем плавнике"

As Browne said, next time, when they formed the new rules, you will need to pay more attention to avoid the use of “loopholes” that affect the appearance of the car.

“In drawing up these rules one of the goals was a more attractive appearance of cars – continued sports Director of the Formula 1. – The goal was achieved only by half, because there were all these fads – the “shark fins”, T-shaped wings, and other elements.

All right, it is fully compliant with the technical regulations. But next time it will be important to avoid this, even if it is only on the impact on the external appearance of the machines.”

Commenting on the plans of Liberty Media to improve the Formula 1, brown said that he hoped the openness of the teams to the proposed ideas.

“I hope they will understand our motives – to improve F1. Other motives, we simply do not, – said Ross. – Until we get into the trap of trying to change the balance of power – which I personally never would, no reason to doubt our intentions should not be”.

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