The starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia from Leo Turrini

Стартовая решётка Гран При Австралии от Лео Туррини

The famous Italian blogger and journalist Leo Turrini gave his forecast on how it will look like the starting grid of the first race of the season-2017, which will be held March 26 at the Australian albert Park in Melbourne.

“It seems that Mercedes has no such benefits, as last year, writes Turrini in his blog. Suffice it to say that the tests Kimi Raikkonen showed the best time, despite a few minor mistakes, and, in principle, could drive another 0.3 seconds faster. In General, I think that in Melbourne the first four places will be shared by Mercedes and Ferrari, not necessarily in that order.

First row: Hamilton – Vettel
(if black starts the same as last year, the first turn will again remain behind the blonde)

Second row: Raikkonen, Bottas
(Oh, these close encounters of the fourth degree! This, of course, on the first turn)

But what about Red Bull Racing? Machine Red Bull undoubtedly has good downforce, but on the track in Melbourne, a lot depends on the engine – the continuous acceleration and braking. So…

Third row: Riccardo – Verstappen
(Ricky is coming, because I’m not a fan tinajero!)

Fourth row: Massa – Perez
(a beautiful South American Duo)

Fifth row: Windows – Stroll
(the fight between the two rookies… will be something to see)

Sixth row: Magnussen – Sainz

Seventh row: Quat – Grosjean

Now go to the saddest… Neither Renault nor Sauber, nor even McLaren at the moment don’t look ready to fight for a higher position. If McLaren will avoid start from the pit lane, it will be good. Think out the rest themselves.

Of course, the likelihood that this forecast will come true fully equal to the loss of the number 6 in SUPERLOTO”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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