The racers Red Bull Racing about the upcoming Grand Prix of China and Bahrain

Гонщики Red Bull Racing о предстоящих Гран При Китая и Бахрейна

The racers Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo shared in an interview to the press service of the team his expectations for the coming stages in China and Bahrain.

“I love coming to China because I like the track and the place itself, – said Max. – As for the cuisine, it is still in the Netherlands I fully was able to enjoy it, however, being in China, I do not want to miss the chance to try their real dishes. Because of the special diet I have to be careful and limit yourself a little, despite the fact that I’m a big fan of Chinese cuisine.

I look forward to continue the early phase of the season, because nothing is decided!

As for Bahrain, I think this track is quite interesting, but too demanding on the tires. During the race the evening comes, and the conditions vary greatly, the coating may become slippery due to the sand.”

Max’s partner Daniel Riccardo told about how he changed his ideas about the track in Shanghai: “When I first came here, the results were low and I did not like it. But since then, I switched to Red Bull Racing, the results went up, and I laid out here in full. Now I can say that I’d love to come to this stage”.

Daniel also spoke about their expectations from the Grand Prix of Bahrain: “Bahrain is very different from Shanghai. There’s a resort atmosphere, and our hotel is in close proximity to the beach and the ocean. Here you can relax and stroll in our bathing shorts.

I think since Bahrain became a night race, the stage came alive. I never liked this track, as well as Shanghai, but the results of those Grand Prix in recent years, I was pleased”.

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