The Grand Prix of Australia: The craziest race in the last 15 years

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

The track albert Park since 1996 almost invariably host the first Grand Prix of the season, often becoming an arena of unpredictable, dramatic and crazy races. Edition recalls the main events of the last 15 years.

2002: Australia rejoice!

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

Your journey to the fifth world champion Michael Schumacher began in confident style, without difficulty winning the first race of the season. However, for other participants, the Grand Prix of Australia-2002 turned out to be much more rich and complex. It all started with a massive crash, triggered by Ralf Schumacher, who after contact with Rubens Barrichello before the first turn went to become a famous flight. The result left 8 of the 22 started. The gatherings on this, of course, is not over and the finish of the participants were so few that at the fifth place got a debutant, Australian mark Webber from the team Minardi. 26-year-old rookie remained in this position until the checkered flag and became the hero of the day to the delight of the stands.

2003: the Last triumph of David Coulthard

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

In qualifying Ferrari has won a double victory, ahead of a second the rest of the peloton. However, in the race for the Scuderia, everything turned out not so good. Rubens Barrichello crashed the car on the first lap, and Michael Schumacher damaged the car when driving outside of the track. In the final part of the race leaders came Juan Pablo Montoya, but just a few laps before the finish the Colombian launched in the second turn. Racer Williams continued the movement, but missed while David Coulthard started 11th after a mistake in qualifying. The Scot eventually crossed the finish line first and won so the last victory in his career.

2005: “Physical” starts and wins

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

New qualifying format (with the addition of circle time sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning), combined with rain led to the fact that the favorites were at the end of the peloton. In particular, the current world champion Michael Schumacher was only 18-m. the pole got the rookie Renault Giancarlo Fisichella. The Italian capitalized on the opportunity and during the race conceded the lead only during pit stops. Partner physically team Fernando Alonso after starting from tenth place broke the third, starting thus the quest for their first League title. Pleasantly surprised by the new team Red Bull Racing – David Coulthard finished fifth and Christian klien seventh.

2006: Autumn cold in Australia

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

Due to the transfer to the APR race in Melbourne was held in cooler conditions than usual. On a cold track, many pilots made mistakes that led to the repeated appearance of the safety car. My car broke even Michael Schumacher. And ended the race a dramatic fire engine in the last corner on the car of the owner of the pole of Jenson Button. At the time he was in sixth place.

So much win in a chaotic race was won by current world champion Fernando Alonso, with whom on the podium, Kimi Raikkonen and Ralf Schumacher.

2008: knockout Game

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

Lewis Hamilton won his first victory at albert Park, having started from pole position and confidently lead during the whole race. However, behind the British that day was chaotic out – of accident, technical failure, which was taken out of the fight both riders Ferrari – Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. The main drama, of course, was a disappointing gathering of debut, four-time Champcar champion Sebastien Bourdais, who went to high fourth position. However, even with the vanishing Frenchman, speaking for Toro Rosso, was seventh as the chequered flag saw only six pilots.

2009: BrawnGP out of competition

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

Drastic changes in the technical regulations before the start of the season promised surprises, but was surpassed all possible expectations. A double victory in the qualification and the race was won by the team BrawnGP, based on the remains of the factory Honda. Jenson button took his second career victory after the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2006, and Rubens Barrichello finished second.

In the last laps to battle for the podium divided highway Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica and the reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton, who finished fourth, was disqualified because of false information to the stewards.

2010: Inimitable Jenson Button

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

With her incredible flair in changeable weather conditions the reigning world champion Jenson button switched to slicks at the right time, due to what has risen to second place. And when the leader of the race Sebastian Vettel due to problems with the brakes, flew in the gravel, the rookie McLaren went in to the first position. Behind the Button turned crazy battle with Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. Fight wheel to wheel went from start to finish.

2014: an Impressive debut Kevin Magnussen

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

The era of hybrid V6 turbo engines in Formula 1 began with a convincing victory of the team of Mercedes, which has left rivals no chance in the next three years. But there was a surprise in third position sensationally finished the rookie Formula 1 Kevin Magnussen. Racer McLaren took fourth place after the disqualification of Daniel ricciardo became the third.

2015: a Surprise from Sauber

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

The beginning of the 2015 season got weird: because back pain Valtteri Bottas was forced to miss the race, the team of the Manor went by without a single lap for the entire weekend and thus have not received the permit to start, the cars of Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat broke the circle of departure from boxes. Thus, at the start there were 15 racers. The main sensation in such conditions did the Sauber team, finished the championship in 2014 without glasses – debutant Felipe Nasr finished fifth, while Marcus Ericsson took eighth place. This result was very important for stable of Hinwil because the weekend in Melbourne began with a trial concerning the contract with Guido van der garde, and almost came to arrest the head Monesi, Kaltenborn.

2016: the Rapid debut of Haas

Гран При Австралии: Самые сумасшедшие гонки за последние 15 лет

The race of 2016, of course, will forever be remembered in the first place spectacular accident Fernando Alonso in the third turn. Fortunately, the Spaniard escaped injury. But also, this incident had a serious impact on the further course of the race: Ferrari made a mistake in tyre choice during the red flags, and the team-the debutant on the contrary were able to Shine, because due to the correct tactics Romain Grosjean climbed to sixth place, which in the end took that surpassed all expectations.

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