The former head of Ferrari, Giovinazzi should replace Raikkonen

Бывший руководитель Ferrari: Джовинацци должен заменить Райкконена

The former head of Ferrari Cesare Florio believes that Antonio Giovinazzi should replace Kimi Raikkonen in the Italian team in 2018.

Last weekend at the Grand Prix of Australia 23-year-old participants of the racing Academy Scuderia unexpectedly made his debut in Formula 1, replacing Sauber Pascal Wehrlein.

Despite the lack of experience of playing at albert Park and only 60 minutes to workout on Saturday, Vice-champion of GP2 last year, has qualified for the high 16-th place, and in the race finished 12th.

“I follow his career over the last 4-5 years. Of course, this is the best young Italian riders, who are now ready for Formula 1,– quotes Florio F1i. – Ferrari did the right thing by signing a contract with him, and, I hope, will give him a chance”.

According to Florio, the best years of Kimi Raikkonen is over, and the Scuderia need new blood.

“Last season with Alonso in the team and first with Vettel turned out to be difficult for Raikkonen. Last year he managed to win, but by the end of this season he will be 38-39 years old, so I think its the way Ferrari is coming to an end,” he continued, Florio.

Evaluate pilots of the Grand Prix of Australia

The former head of the Scuderia also welcomed the long-awaited victory of Sebastian Vettel in the first race of the season-2017 albert Park.

“Last season was a concern – he’s had a difficult season. Therefore, for Vettel it was very important to remind everyone that he is a four time world champion. And Ferrari needed to demonstrate that they are able to impose struggle Mercedes, said Florio. Some said that without the British engineers to succeed is impossible, but instead, Sergio Marchione has gathered a team of talented professionals and this is how we see, led to the victory.

Now comes the hard part. In connection with the new regulations, they should allow for 0.1 seconds every Grand Prix, at the end of the season should give you a raise in two seconds on the circle.

If Ferrari do it, it will remain competitive. Otherwise, it is again set back. This will require serious efforts in the Department of aerodynamics”.

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