The FIA warned teams on the F1 suspension design

FIA предупредила команды Ф1 относительно конструкции подвески

The FIA warned the teams in F1 that can ask them to waive suspensions if they can’t prove that an aerodynamic advantage that they give is not the original purpose of the concept.

Details of the request Ferrari about the legality of the concept of suspension Mercedes

The team discuss the design of the suspension, which is used by Mercedes and Red Bull Racing from the moment in early 2017 Ferrari sent the FIA a letter about the legality of such a concept.

Secrets and active suspension system FRIC

The document, which the FIA has sent teams were able to see and In its letter the FIA has identified five main characteristics nonconforming to the rules of the suspension, namely:

  • any system that changes the behavior of the car under acceleration;
  • the lack of a direct connection between the suspension and the brake system or steering system;
  • ride height adjustment through self-regulation;
  • a direct link between the purpose and the movement of the suspension;
  • the accumulation of energy for deferred use, or any system that will lead to non-random asymmetry in response to the load change exerted on the wheels.

The FIA hope that this explanation will enable the teams to understand what they need to do in order to have their suspension concepts were considered legal.

In that case, if the team can’t convince the technical delegate that the original purpose of the suspension system is to ensure operation of the landing gear and keeping the pilot from the effects of hitting bumps in the racing surface, then the FIA may ban the use of such a system.

FIA предупредила команды Ф1 относительно конструкции подвески

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