The FIA has requested Renault to change the design of the rear wing

FIA попросила Renault сменить конструкцию заднего антикрыла

The international automobile Federation (FIA) has asked the Renault team to change the design of the rear wing before the season started in Australia at the end of March.

Immediately after the presentation of the new car RS27 some teams questioned the legitimacy of the design of the rear wing, which used a special support stand that is attached not to the main plane of the wing, and the DRS actuator.

Under article 3.9.6 of the new technical regulation, the support structure needs to be extended to also comply with article 3.9.1 defining the parameters of the main plane of the rear wing.

Last year, for example, Mercedes just joined the lower part of the main panel with a main plane that made the design more rigid. Red Bull and Ferrari have improved the aerodynamic performance of the rear wing by adopting the concept of LMP1с mount, resembling a Swan’s neck.

In 2017, Renault went ahead and set the mount directly to the drive DRS.

The argument in favor of the legality of its design, Renault said that the strut can adhere to the minimum number of parts associated with DRS.

However, opponents of the French team, like the FIA, I believe that Renault used a much larger area than the “minimum”.

As it became known, Renault asked the FIA to change the design before the start of the season in Melbourne.

Renault could gain an advantage by reducing the impact on the rear wing, which in turn could increase the efficiency of DRS.

Some teams, however, did not pay attention to the new Renault, suggesting that this is unlikely to give the French team a particular advantage.

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