The FIA has refused from the “max Verstappen rule”

FIA отказалась от "правила Макса Ферстаппена"

Race Director FIA’s Charlie whiting said that in anticipation of season 2017, it was decided to abandon the “max Verstappen rule”, introduced with the aim of regulating actions in the zone of inhibition.

At the end of the championship last year, when to the actions of the pilot of Red Bull Racing had a lot of complaints due to the fact that it changes the trajectory on the brake, the FIA has made adjustments to the rules. However, the first of the innovations he suffered not himself a Dutchman, and Sebastian Vettel, when he held off Daniel ricciardo in the last laps of the Grand Prix of Mexico.

“Some of the incidents that we saw last season, it is now possible to consider a slightly different angle, since it was cancelled so-called “rule of max Verstappen”, – quotes AUTOSPORT Whiting. – Earlier we said that any maneuver in the zone of inhibition will be investigated. Now we have a simple rule that clearly States that if a driver is moving erratically, going too slow and its actions endangers others, that his manoeuvres will be investigated.

Just this rule has been extended. Last year it was said that the change of the trajectory when braking and potentially dangerous, and therefore it should be reported to the stewards. Now, each incident will be considered on the basis of whether the maneuver was dangerous, not only because the driver made a movement in the braking zone”.

Whiting said that teams were asked to simplify the rules this year.

“It was a request of the teams. They wanted to investigate was conducted only in those cases when the danger of action is obvious, he said. Yesterday we had a meeting with the leaders of all teams, together we have reviewed all the controversial incidents in the past year to understand how they will be examined in accordance with the so-called new rules or a new approach.

I won’t go into details, but it’s interesting. In some cases it would have been different.

To help stewards, we made a so-called video archive system that will allow them to instantly contact other incidents of this kind. This will avoid unnecessary discussions and waste of time for recovering the memory of details of a incident.

Records will be sorted by the type of incident. For example, the clash: a few mouse clicks, and that’s before the stewards six records with such incidents and the verdict. This will not only ensure consistency of decisions and speed their adoption.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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