The FIA banned the concept of the suspension of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing

FIA запретила концепт подвески Mercedes и Red Bull Racing

Race Director FIA’s Charlie whiting said that in the nearest weekend in the Melbourne protests over the use of controversial suspension system is not expected as Mercedes and Red Bull Racing had to make changes to their design.

In early 2017 Ferrari in the FIA sent an official letter to clarify the question of the legality of the use of suspension technology, similar to the concept of FRIC, which was banned several years ago.

Details of the request Ferrari about the legality of the concept of suspension Mercedes

As said in the Scuderia, the request is purely theoretical, however, many have suggested that the real reason is the intention to prevent a system of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

In late February, the FIA announced that it may ask the team to abandon their system if they can’t prove that the resulting aerodynamic advantage is not the constitutional function of the concept. While in the course of check on the tests in Barcelona it became clear that the decisions of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing does not meet the requirements. In the end both teams had to make changes.

“Prohibited use of the suspension system influencing the aerodynamic characteristics of the machine, unless this effect is not unintentional, – quotes Whiting AUTOSPORT. – As spelled out in the regulations, and we are closely monitoring the situation.

If the suspension works asymmetrically, falls at the same speed and rises on the other, there are no objective explanation can not be.

If the team is not able to persuade us to use the system they can’t.”

It is unclear what effect the ban on Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. However, it is known that during the last season of “Silver arrows” had used such a system at some stages, and the impact on the speed of the machine itself was not.

“Martin Budkowski and Joe Bauer did a great job in Barcelona, all systems, and, judging by the fact that we managed to check already here in Melbourne, no problems should not be,” concluded whiting.

On Thursday, the FIA has checked the suspension system on the cars of six teams, four stables will be inspected on Friday before the first workout.

Whiting also added that during the race weekend of the Australian Grand Prix, the FIA will check the fact of burning of the engine oil with the fuel.

“Of course, we follow it. In Barcelona we did a great job, ‘ said the race Director. – We plan to check all the fuel system and oil consumption to make sure that it is not being used as fuel”.

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