The European Parliament refuses to investigate the sale of Formula 1

Европарламент не отказывается от расследования продажи Формулы 1

A member of the British Parliament Annelise Dodds denied the allegation that the investigation of the sale of the commercial rights of the Formula 1 company Liberty Media will not take place.

Dodds recently called on the European Commission to study the governance of F1 and the system of distribution of payments, as well as the situation with the sale of the FIA 1% of the shares to the new owners.

This week, however, the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager assured that any investigation will not, because, in particular, last year the sale transaction was reviewed by national authorities on competition matters in Austria, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

The European Commission refused to investigate policies in relation to FIA F1

“I can assure you that the Commission is well aware of our position and does not preclude the continuation of investigation, – quotes the official representative of the Dodds F1i. – We will discuss all this with Annelise when she arrives in Brussels and think about the next step.”

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