Sergio Perez I had to sit on a extreme diet

Серхио Перес: Мне пришлось сесть на экстремальную диету

Racer Force India Sergio Perez said that on the eve of the Grand Prix of Australia was forced to go on a strict diet.

In the offseason, the Mexican, like all other pilots scored more muscle mass to better cope with the increased congestion on the highway. However, the car on the tests VJM10 was too heavy, and the Indian team had to ask Peres and his partner Esteban aukon lose a little weight.

“In the last two weeks I tried to lose weight, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Perez. – I gained weight compared to last year, because a lot of training and gained the most muscle mass. But now I had to sit on an extreme diet where I will be until Saturday.

I feel hungry all the time. But the more weight I drop, the better.

In fact, we haven’t weighed the car in the base spec because the tests used a variety of sensors and other devices.

Now, given that I’ve already lost 2 kg of weight compared to tests in Barcelona, we walked up to optimal performance”.

As to the shape of the team, the Mexican said, “judging by winter testing, while we are not at that level, which would be early in the season. But during the year we, like all the other teams, there will be many updates. So I remain optimistic.

No matter how you start the season, the main thing is what position you will finish.

Ahead of a long championship, and I am sure that our team are going to do well with their work this year”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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