Sergio Marchione: Mercedes remains the favourite

Серджио Маркионе: Mercedes по-прежнему остаётся фаворитом

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchione has shared his opinion about the balance of power after the pre-season tests in Barcelona and wished the team the McLaren as soon as possible to deal with technical problems.

The Scuderia concluded the eight-day tests with the best time – Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest, while Sebastian Vettel took second place in the combined Protocol. However, Marchione prefers not to jump to conclusions, given the complete failure of his bold predictions before the championship last year.

Surely in this season Mercedes will have a real opponent?

“On the tests in Barcelona we had two aims. The first was to be more competitive Red Bull Racing, and the second is to achieve reliability, – quotes Marchione Speed Week. But in my opinion, Mercedes is still the favourite. McLaren? I wish this team as soon as possible to deal with their problems.

The upcoming season promises to be interesting. Machines became much faster, and riders will now have to actually work for their money – I think that after the finish line many of them will look tired.”

At the same time, speaking last week at the Geneva motor show, Ferrari President refused to talk about the prospects of the team in 2017.

“I prefer to be cautious and would not like to answer questions related to the Formula 1 team”, – he said.

Marcion also shared his opinion about the recent statements of the President of the FIA Jean Todt that F1 will never return to the use of V10 engines and V12, since it must follow the example of the automotive industry.

“In our V12 engines [traffic trade] all the same never be the turbines. Integration of such engines with an electrical system of an already difficult task,” he said.

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