Sergey Vorobyev: We are encouraged by the interest of fans to the Grand Prix of Russia

Сергей Воробьев: Нас радует интерес болельщиков к Гран При России

In an exclusive interview Autopartsway the promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia Sergey Vorobyov told about the sale of tickets, preparation of SOEs, the interaction with the new owners of F1 and much more.

Now a month and a half as the sales of tickets, tell us, how are sales now?

We are encouraged by the interest of fans to the Grand Prix of Russia. For three consecutive years in the stands of Sochi Autodrom was sold out, ticket sales on the Russian fourth stage is the perfect pace that allows us to speak about the growing importance of the Grand Prix for the Russian fans and about the development of Motorsport in the country.

Is there any information from which was purchased the first ticket?

The first ticket was bought by the resident of Russia as a gift for the birthday of his sister, he chose the Tribune T4.

What tickets enjoy the highest popularity among fans? Maybe some podium has remained a matter of the number of tickets and comers should hurry with the purchase?

Many fans choose the Main stand, which is located along the start/finish line. Hence viewers are watching a vivid opening ceremony, the start of the race, the masterful work of the mechanics in the pit stops, the drivers competing in the first turn and the finish of the winner. Sold very well the box of the categories Premium and platinum.

In great demand among fans of Motorsport enjoys grandstand T1, which runs along the first turn – places the most intense battles of the first lap of the race. This grandstand is conveniently located in relation to the Formula 1 Village and entertainment area of Sochi Autodrom.

You should hurry and purchase tickets to the Podium T2. The most spectacular sector opposite the second corner almost dismantled.

Grandstand T3, which is the name of the Russian Formula 1 driver Daniil Kvyat, also attracted great interest from the audience. Grandstand is located at the entrance to the protracted third turn, has become a hallmark of the Sochi Autodrom. The asphalt here has a negative slope and requires riders filigree technique and accurate passing. This stand is for the real fans of the “Royal races”.

Сергей Воробьев: Нас радует интерес болельщиков к Гран При России

In what regions are the most active sales?

Muscovites have become leaders to purchase tickets. Second place goes to St. Petersburg, the third most number of tickets sold is Krasnodar. Also high interest in the GP of Russia have demonstrated the residents of Rostov-on-don and Voronezh.

In General, most of the tickets bought by the people of Russia and the near abroad, followed by Germany, Finland, Israel and the UK.

When waiting for the announcement of concert and show programs? Before the race, remained two months, and the purchase of tickets, this information also plays an important role. What else is new wait for the Russian fans at the upcoming GP?

Details of the concert program we will announce in the spring. But now I can say that the evening concerts on the Central square of the Olympic Park will be attended by famous Russian artists. In addition, viewers of the Russian stage can visit the legendary F1 Village, which sells exclusive products of the Formula 1 teams, competitions in extreme sports, show of motorisation and dancing fountains show.

What is different for you personally the process of preparing for the next Grand Prix from the previous three? Or already all mechanisms are debugged to automatism?

Сергей Воробьев: Нас радует интерес болельщиков к Гран При России

The first SIP was a challenge for our team. After all, the world championship stage of F1 have never been in Russia. Thanks to the efforts of the people involved in the process of organizing the competition, including members of orgkomiteta, Raph, international consultants Rasgaira, we were able to realize a longtime dream of many Russians and successfully to GP, received the award for best stage of the season. In subsequent years, the training was no less extensive, but many processes and actions have already been worked out and passed a lot faster.

However, there are differences. So, every year during race weekend, we are conducting a survey of level of satisfaction of viewers and draw conclusions, something changing and improving. The same goes for entertainment. Many fans come to us first, and we strive to ensure that every SIP was a bright, special and memorable in the audience’s memory.

This year the GP of Azerbaijan is holding an active campaign in the Russian Internet, their contextual advertising is everywhere, will it not? Or do you think that your different target audience?

We are pleased with the promotional activity of each GP is working on the promotion of F1, but for the vast majority of fans by the GP in Sochi is the ideal choice, this is confirmed by statistics of ticket sales.

The popularity of F1 is the number of stages in the calendar. We welcome the development of the championship, which is gaining new markets.

As you and your party evaluate changes in the management of F1?

Change is an integral part of development, we are positive, extended the contract until 2025. It is worth noting that negotiations on the renewal of the contract began at the GP of Russia in 2016. Collectively with chase Carey and his team we finalized the model of the stage which allowed us to be so satisfied the conditions of cooperation, to extend the contract. An important part of the updated model is the appearance of the title sponsor of the Russian stage of the VTB Group.

Did You communicate after the resignation, Mr Ecclestone? Should we wait for him at the upcoming GP?

Yes, Bernie is still our friend, we will be happy to see him at the GP of Russia 2017.

Сергей Воробьев: Нас радует интерес болельщиков к Гран При России

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