Sebastian Vettel decided on a name for the new machine

Себастьян Феттель определился с именем для новой машины

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel decided on a name for his new car, driving where you will spend the season 2017.

Since the days of performances for Toro Rosso, the German gives female names to their cars. According to Bild, Ferrari SF70-H he called Gina.

Gina is a shortened form of the name Regina, which in Latin means “Princess” or “Queen”. The allusion to the championship crown at the end of the season? Wait for the comment from Vettel…

All the names of the machines Sebastian Vettel

Toro Rosso STR3 (2008) – Julia
Red Bull Racing RB5 (2009) – Kate, Naughty sister Kate
Red Bull Racing RB6 (2010) – Liz Sweet, Exuberant Mandy
Red Bull Racing RB7 (2011) – Seductive Kylie
Red Bull Racing RB8 (2012) – Abby
Red Bull Racing RB9 (2013) – Hungry Heidi
Red Bull Racing RB10 (2014) – Susie
Ferrari SF15-T (2015) – Eva
Ferrari SF16-H (2016) – Margarita
Ferrari SF70-H (2017) – Gina

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