Sean Bratches: We have received many requests from those wishing to undertake stage F1

Шон Братчес: Нам поступило много запросов от желающих провести этап Ф1́

Head of marketing Department F1 Sean Bratches admitted that he had received many requests from heads of various tracks wishing to hold a stage of the Formula 1.

Currently the calendar includes 20 stages – one less than last year because of the omission of the Grand Prix of Germany.

The new owner of the commercial rights of F1 Corporation Liberty Media has hinted that it intends to consider the extension of the calendar.

“We have developed excellent relationships with some of the promoters, said Bratches. – We are interested to competently expand the territory, which underpins the heritage of the sport, especially in Europe.

We would also love to get out into new markets, e.g. in Latin and North America, as there is potential audience growth.

Two months in this position I was surprised to get such a large number of requests from cities, States, municipalities and countries around the world who want to link their territory with the unusual brand”.

Bratches added that the hardest challenge is to get together with Ross brown, the new sporting Director of F1, and F1 CEO chase Carey, to determine the best places for races.

“We have a Ross and chase have a challenging task: to select just what the best impact on our brand, our fans and will satisfy our goals,” added Bratches.

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