Sean Bratches: We are reviewing all our digital assets

Шон Братчес: Мы занимаемся пересмотром всех наших цифровых активов

New commercial Director of Formula 1 Sean Bratches shared his opinion about the importance of using digital technologies in light of the “Royal races”.

When Bernie Ecclestone, the use of such media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, has been limited. Only in the last few years in this direction began some progress, but, in the opinion of Patches, there is still huge potential.

“This aspect is very important to our business, – quotes Bratches – It is clear that this is a trend of the modern world. And it concerns not only current fans, but also the next generation. So this is a huge opportunity from the point of view of rapprochement with the public.”

In previous years the FOM strictly prohibits shooting in the paddock and in General on the territory of the racetrack (at least for media and fans), but before the pre-season tests in Barcelona, these rules were relaxed.

Sean Bratches: it is Important to find a balance between paid and free broadcasting

“We released our first set of recommendations directly before the tests, told Patches. Data for the consumption of content have been impressive. Fans, teams and riders appreciated are appreciated.

At the moment we are reviewing all of our digital assets, social media platforms and technology OTT.

We believe that this will give fans the opportunity to be closer to Formula 1 as during the race weekend, and between stages.

You need to use the opportunities emerging in the 21st century, which has not yet been activated”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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