Sean Bratches: it is Important to find a balance between paid and free broadcasting

Шон Братчес: Важно найти баланс между платными и бесплатными трансляциями

New F1 commercial Director Sean Bratches sure that the combination of free and paid broadcasts in the future will be the basis of lighting races of the Grand Prix.

Many believe that the trend is moving to paid broadcasting was one of the reasons for the popularity of Formula 1 in recent times.

According to Bratches, free broadcast can play an important role in promoting F1: “we Have the opportunity to use free translation to increase the awareness of the brand among the wider population.

Of course, we cannot ignore the fact that the paid broadcast will bring great profit, but now the Formula 1 is in a position where you need to look for sponsors intending to invest in our brand, our beliefs and our vision.

Finding the balance between free and paid broadcasts will be a good base for progress. We plan to make each decision individually according to the territorial principle”.

Patches confirmed that now the F1 is looking for ways to find a balance between what income can bring pay-TV and the impact it is able to provide free broadcast.

“Many sporting organizations now adhere to similar principles – all are served in pay-TV, is quoted in AUTOSPORT Patches. – However, in this regard, we cannot accept a universal solution, need to think this through on a territorial basis.

In some markets, pay-TV received much more widespread in contrast others. Here, the economic benefit is obvious, therefore, to implement pay broadcasting much easier.

On other markets, conversely, free to air prevails over paid, and the situation is complicated. We now decide these questions.”

Patches also added about the importance of the development of digital alternatives for fans: “Now we are rethinking all of our digital assets. We are confident that there are excellent opportunities to interact with the fans.”

Шон Братчес: Важно найти баланс между платными и бесплатными трансляциями

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