Ross brown: We will look for a solution if problems arise with the spectacle of the races

Росс Браун: Мы будем искать решение, если возникнут проблемы со зрелищностью гонок

Sports Director of the Formula 1, Ross brown said that the leadership of the championship are ready to respond quickly if in the season of 2017 will be the entertainment races.

In 2017 entered into force the new technical regulations, significantly increasing the speed of vehicles. However, there are fears that because of the peculiarities of the aerodynamics of the new cars will be less overtaking.

“If this year we will see something unsuitable for the sport, will defend their point of view and deal at all levels, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. You can be sure that we will work with the teams and the FIA to find a solution in the case that the race will be not so good as it should be.”

According to brown, in the future it is necessary to revisit the concept of aerodynamics to cars possessed a high level of downforce and at the same time could closely located to each other on the track.

“The current aerodynamic body kit is very complex from the point of view of design and sensitive to the disturbances of the air flow. In the result of aerodynamic turbulence from the cars ahead have problems, he continued. – We can develop a set of rules in which aerodynamics will continue to provide high speed and beautiful appearance of cars, but the effect is not as great. It is my ambition, my goal.

As far as I know, in racing sports cars and IndyCar aerodynamics also pays a lot of attention, but the struggle there pretty tight.

So with proper and consistent decisions, we will achieve our goals. I’m sure of it”.

More winners

Brown also added that in the long term, the Formula 1 needs more teams capable of fighting for victory.

“We need to reduce the difference between teams in first and last rows of the starting grid to the Force India, or any other small team was able to win the race, he continued. – Now, this scenario is unlikely. We need to reduce the gaps and, therefore, to find a way to limit the potential regulations or resources available to participants.”

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