Ross brown: We haven’t abandoned the idea of a budget cap

Росс Браун: Мы еще не отказались от идеи ограничения бюджетов команд

Sport F1 Director Ross Brawn said that Liberty Media continue to consider options with limited budget and technical limitations in the regulations in order to enhance the entertainment and the level of competition in the Big Prizes.

One of the main tasks of the new leadership of F1 is to ensure a stable future in the sport of small teams.

Ross brown wants to create a group of independent experts

“First, you need to create the right base. At the correct base I understand a smaller difference between the head and the tail of the starting grid, – said brown. The main question should be put: “what you need to concentrate to choose a different direction for the future?” One of the areas of our analysis will be the study of the dependence of commands from the [financial] resources.

Should we take a step in the direction of limitations in the budget or to introduce some technical restrictions? Perhaps it will be a combination of both? It requires an integrated and thorough approach.

It is obvious that we need to reduce the importance of money in the performance of the machines, because right now F1 is on the way.

We want to raise the aggregate level of the grid without the use of artificial methods”.

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