Ross brown wants to create a group of independent experts

Росс Браун хочет создать группу независимых экспертов

New sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn said he plans to create a group of independent experts that will assist the FOM in the formation and solution of problems.

The former head of Mercedes joined FOM in his current role in January after the new owners Liberty Media and started a long-term strategy to improve the entertainment of the Grand Prix. In contrast to the structures that influenced rule changes in recent years, brown plans to start a new band.

“With the FOM will work recognized authorities, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. – This is a small team of only five or six people. But this should be enough with my experience and knowledge to clearly understand what we want to achieve, and to begin the process. Eventually I want to make entertainment and the cost of the races was given a permanent and worthy of attention.

Any solution needs to meet certain criteria or expectations.

I understand that it is important to be guided by the sports grounds. But at the same time, there are solutions in which you need to consider the interests of fans, the cost of participation, the possible influence on the race.”

Brown added that the main task of the new group will study the problem of overtaking.

“This is a complex problem – continued sports Director of the Formula 1. – We don’t want a slow machine, so it was important to improve the level of grip. But don’t want it to lead to problems for the pilot, going behind.

Will it be possible to find a solution for a year and a half, if you attract the right people?

I know we’ve already discussed this with the working group on overtaking, but I don’t think we had such knowledge and resources as the teams.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are of great importance. Now to study the problem of overtaking has much more features.

If it were possible to create a vehicle with decent levels of aerodynamic grip, but leaving behind a pristine trail in the air stream… Many will say that this is impossible, but I don’t think we really paid that much attention”.

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