Ross brown: I have turned from poacher to protector of the environment

Росс Браун: Я превратился из браконьера в защитника окружающей среды

The new sporting Director of F1 Ross Brawn already have thoughts on how to carry out reforms in the sport. He told this in an interview with Sky Sports.

“In F1 is a lot of inertial forces that can complicate the whole process of change. But I think we can improve the sport – said Ross. – We will never be able to achieve the ideal, but it is important to choose the right direction.

Change the format of the race weekend? I’m worried for this reason. If we decide to change the format, it needs to be 100% sure that we do everything correctly.

My dream is to spend once-a-year race outside the world Championships. It is needed in order to test different format of the weekend. This will give us the opportunity to try something new. And if you do it during the world Cup, there is a great risk that you’ll make a mistake.

The new regulations? I hope that it will work, but I think it’s another example of incorrectly chosen course. If the purpose of the course was to stop the victorious advance of the Mercedes, then people should be doing opposite things. Mercedes – strong team with huge resources. It is naive to think that the new regulations have the potential to destabilize.

If we talk about the commercial component in the long term, we should provide the possibility of performances in the championship to a greater number of teams. Now small teams are much more thinking about the commercial benefits in hiring a pilot than large groups of people. If we can support them, it will play into the hands of sports in General. People will get more young drivers like Verstappen.

Honestly, for over 30 years in sports, my task was to provide close competition, and the team’s performance at such a level that nobody could reach out to her. But now my priority is the acute competition between teams. I turned from poacher to protector of the environment.

But we cannot achieve these objectives by artificial means. It is not necessary to penalize the team for what they do excellent work. Recently someone suggested that we need to keep upgrading the machine the best team so the others could catch up to her. But the fans will very quickly be disappointed in this approach”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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