Ross Brawn: We need to get rid of the fins and T-shaped wings

Росс Браун: Нам нужно избавиться от плавников и Т-образных крыльев

New sport F1 Director Ross Brawn said, what should be removed in the near future in Formula 1. According to brown, after testing the new regulations met expectations, if not to take into account the fins and T-shaped wings.

“We will be able to assess fully the new regulations and the cars only when we see them in action, Mr brown said in an interview with the official F1 website. But the car’s appearance and proportions definitely improved. Now cars have become faster, and the drivers admitted to me that they find it difficult to manage the new machines from the physical point of view we just wanted.

But every regulation has its pitfalls. This time we went back to the ugly “shark fins”. I think this need to do something.

One of the goals of the new rules was to improve the appearance of your car so we don’t want to spoil it with such detail.”

Росс Браун: Нам нужно избавиться от плавников и Т-образных крыльев

Brown also commented on T-shaped wings: “They, too, were an unintended consequence of the new regulations. Over time, we need to iron out all such manifestations that the technique looked flawless.

View after beginning the season as the riders will easily be able to compete under the new rules. Yet this is a critical question that remains open.

As for the car, here is important to us constancy, so any changes are not expected”.

Brown added that he intends to get think about how to make for more overtaking without needing DRS.

“We need to carefully examine the question of the passing opportunities – continued the head. – I would not want to they were made artificially with the help of DRS. However, the system at the time, solved many problems, so do not rush to cancel it.

For the future I would like to figure out how to change the design of the car so that we didn’t want DRS”.

Brown also said that he wants to change, as the sporting Director of F1: “first, the process of negotiation and decision-making. I would like to see each goal has been clearly defined. If, say, you are going to change the rules, then you need to define the goal and then figure out how it can be achieved.

In the framework of the FOM we have the right to do so.

Our small team of engineers will work with teams to make sure that we will achieve all our goals.”

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