Ross Brawn: Formula 1 doesn’t need a Mexican standoff in 2020

Росс Браун: Формуле 1 не нужно мексиканское противостояние в 2020 году

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn said that he wants to avoid conflict, when in a few years the time comes to sign a new Contract agreement with the teams.

The current financial structure involves bonus payments for the leading stables in addition to prize income according to the results in the Cup of designers. Such a system causes resentment on the part of other participants, but the hope is that after 2020 it will be revised and will be more fair.

Formula 1 on the brink of new civil war

“There will always be disagreements, different views on things and some tension. But the main thing – desire to cooperate, – quotes the brown AUTOSPORT. A key question, as we know, is the allocation of funds, and negotiations should start so that all were at the same time and you can begin a joint search for solutions.

We do not want a repeat in 2020 Mexican standoff that happened in previous times”.

Given my experience in American sports, representatives of Liberty Media compares the business model of F1 with other large companies. Brown hinted that the most successful teams can benefit from the advantages of levelling charges, as in the NFL.

“In American football the same time the system of obtaining prize was highly distorted, and the top two teams received the largest portion of money, while others got leftovers, added brown. – But in the end the two best teams sacrificed his position for the sake of a just solution.

When due to the increasing competition situation has improved and the sport became more successful, they began to get even more than before.

Is there a lesson in that for us? This is a great example of the balance between sport and Commerce. The new owners and my colleagues came from this culture.

Can we do that? A serious problem, but we’ll try”.

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