Romain Grosjean Pirelli need to work on intermediate tires

Ромен Грожан: Pirelli нужно еще поработать над промежуточной резиной

Today on the final day of the first pre-season tests in Barcelona riders check work rain rubber Pirelli. The pilot Haas Romain Grosjean was pleased with the tires with the blue marking, however, the Intermediate compound, according to the Frenchman, far from ideal.

Despite the fact that due to the air temperature at 18 degrees Celsius, the track was constantly wet, the riders were still able to gather vital information.

“Tire Wet is quite interesting, – said Romain. – Compared to last year, they are much better: they no longer overheat and keep the rear stable temperature, so that everything is in order.

As for Intermediate, they are only enough to circle, then they begin to break down, so something has to be done.

In General, compared to last year’s rain tires was better.”

Nico Hulkenberg of Renault added that all the same for the tests rain rubber track remains wet enough.

Ромен Грожан: Pirelli нужно еще поработать над промежуточной резиной

“Not the most efficient day, but at least we tried – said Hulkenberg. – We have not been able to drive many circles, because the road surface is quickly dried up and only suited for Intermediate.

Yet I once went on a Wet and intermediate, and remained generally satisfied. Nevertheless, the current conditions pose a risk for teams who do not have a lot of spare parts. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the car in conditions of aquaplaning, so you’ll have to do it seems to rain the weekend”.

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