Rob Smedley: the Weight is very comfortable in the new car

Роб Смедли: Массе очень комфортно в новой машине

Chief engineer Williams Rob Smedley believes that the new car FW40 perfect Felipe Massa, taking into account some features of the style of piloting the Brazilian.

“I think this car is suited to his style of piloting – quoted Smedley F1i. – New cars are much more similar to those that were his most successful years in Formula 1. Now, as in 2008, the front tires become wider, the grip is better from the point of corner entry to the apex. During the last seven years it it just was not enough.

The more traction of the front wheels and a more stable behavior of the rear of the machine, the better it fits the style of flying Felipe. Judging by the tests, it is very comfortable in the new car.

It is no secret that in the early test driving a new car Weight usually makes mistakes. But over the passed several thousand kilometers he only twice went beyond the track and almost never wrong on a new set of tires. Therefore, it is obvious that he is very happy with the car.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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