Riccardo Daniel In the beginning of the season to lead will be Mercedes and Ferrari

Даниэль Риккардо: В начале сезона лидировать будут Mercedes и Ferrari

Daniel ricciardo admitted that from the beginning of the test knew that Red Bull Racing can not keep up the number of circles for the Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas kept the best time on the third day of tests

In the first test day ricciardo drove 50 laps, and then on Tuesday Max Verstappen ran 89 laps.

Today due to problems with the exhaust system, the Aussie could only get 70 laps, while Mercedes was already wrapped 529 laps, averaging 176 per day.

“In my opinion, the situation repeats from year to year from 2014, said Riccardo. We tried to fix it, but I always knew that you will not be able to give out 150 laps a day as Mercedes.

They are focused on this, because they have formed a good base. We’re experimenting with many things. However, today I learned a lot more than the first day, although only done 20 laps more. Today we worked more productively.

If max will be able to drive tomorrow 80 or 100 laps, it will be fine.”

Today ricciardo set the third time on the day, giving way to Soft for half a second time, Valtteri Bottas on Ultrasoft and 1.2 seconds of Sebastian Vettel, who was also on the Soft.

“We haven’t worked on a maximum rate – continued ricciardo. – We worked with the reliability of a few laps to make sure that nothing is overheating, and we have no problems. While the times aren’t saying anything, but early in the season are likely to lead Mercedes and Ferrari. But we do not intend to be left behind.”

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