Riccardo Daniel If I have to work elbows

Даниэль Риккардо: Если придется, я буду работать локтями

Pilot Red Bull Daniel Riccardo said that he had to work on his reputation in the camp of the Austrian team.

Initially, it was perceived Daniel as a good guy, but a native of Perth managed in his debut season in the team ahead of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. This was proof that Riccardo is able to compete with the best.

“When I came to Red Bull, people thought: “It’s just a happy and nice guy. Yes, he’s fast, but this guy will not be able to compete with top racers,” said the Australian in an interview with The Guardian. – I had to put a lot of effort to get rid of this reputation.

People are already convinced that I am a real racer. I have big ambitions and I’m willing to work with their elbows, if we have to.”

Ricardo also noted that it is extremely important to stay ahead of Verstappen in 2017.

“You can’t be naive and think that max and I are going to be good to each other even if we push in every race, – said Daniel. We love to fight. If between us there will be friction, and that’s part of racing.

If Lewis will overtake me in the car Mercedes, I can tell everyone that we lost due to the fact that my opponent is sitting behind the wheel of the best car. But if Max is going to outrun me in every race, I won’t be able to justify himself.

It is obvious that the teammate is the first person you want to win.”

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