Renault: the producers should be treated as the main players in F1

Renault: К производителям должны относиться как к главным игрокам в Ф1

The President of Renault Sport Racing jérôme Stoll believes that in the new era of F1, which begins with Liberty Media, the producers must be key.

“We have negotiated with Liberty, – told Stahl in an interview – We explained that we must work together in order to increase the entertainment of sports, because in recent years the popularity of F1 has decreased a bit.

Along with Liberty, we have to open a new era in F1. The new leaders really want to try something new. I don’t know what it will be, but we want to become one of the main players of the new show.

Without such automotive manufacturers as Mercedes, Ferrari, [Honda] and Renault – because we are the only who develop the engines, investing money in it – there is no show. We need to establish a dialogue and understand how we can achieve this goal”.

The teams F1 has existing contracts until the end of 2020. Jerome expects that negotiations on new contracts will begin in the near future.

“In the camp Liberty want to discuss the future, because everyone knows that the current contracts expire at the end of 2020 – continued Stoll. Due to this redistribution of rights is necessary to change many things, including the fact that small teams difficult to survive in F1.

The first discussion can begin in the coming weeks. We need to work together to increase the number of fans.

If we can improve the quality of the show, we get an increase in the number of fans, but to increase the popularity of sports among people and in other ways.

The last time F1 was dominated by pay TV, but in the future the situation may change”.

Renault: К производителям должны относиться как к главным игрокам в Ф1

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