Renault returned last year option MGU-K

Renault вернула прошлогодний вариант MGU-K

After qualifying in Melbourne in Renault announced that they were forced to put on their engines from a version of the generator kinetic energy (MGU-K).

The French manufacturer introduced a new energy recovery system before the start of season 2017, however, on the tests in Barcelona factory team and customers faced problems with the MGU-K.

Renault are unable to cope with the problem to the first Grand Prix of the season and eventually decided to return last year’s version.

“Before the start of the season after tests was only ten days, so we had no choice,” said Renault technical Director on work with engines of Remy in an interview with AUTOSPORT.

As found in the British edition, Red Bull has produced several components to the teams that use Renault engines, was able to return to last year’s version of the generator.

Taffin said that Renault userdno work to solve the problem, but it is unlikely that a new version of the block will appear before the planned major update of the engine.

“We will be able to introduce new MGU-K about five or six races – when are we going to do a standard upgrade engine,” added Taffin.

Generator the kinetic energy of 2016 five pounds new and has less power, but Renault plans to use it at least until the Grand Prix of Spain in may.

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