Remy Taffin of Renault engine Problems were visible before the tests

Реми Таффен: Проблемы двигателя Renault были видны еще до тестов

Technical Director of Renault to work with engines, Remy said that the problem with the energy recovery system (ERS) detected at the stage of working on a chassis dynamometer during tests made itself felt even stronger.

Jolyon Palmer was able to drive 53 laps for the third day of the second test in Barcelona – the smaller the distance obeyed only McLaren. The previous two days also were not very good for the factory team, however, Taffin is hopeful for a solution to the problems before the start of the season in Australia.

“For the season-2017 we have prepared a completely new powerplant, but due to problems with the ERS on these tests managed to pass less laps than planned, said Taffin. – During operation on the dynamometer such problems had arisen, however, on tests they only intensified.

Now we have already started to solve them, and hopefully by the start of the season, all will be corrected and reach the required level of reliability.”

Despite the problems, Taffin was satisfied with the form of the Renault pre-season testing.

“We have improved in terms of performance and plan to stay the whole season,” added Taffin.

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