Red Bull will strengthen the cooperation with Toro Rosso next year

Red Bull укрепит сотрудничество с Toro Rosso в следующем году

The boss Toro Rosso Franz Toast said that from next season the Red Bull Racing will strengthen its ties with the Junior team.

The team from Faenza continues its high level of independence, however, the merger of certain resources of cooperating teams would help to reduce costs and achieve better results.

“The plan is the strengthening of cooperation – quoted Toast in Now our gear box, hydraulic system and some parts Red Bull, and next year they will be even more.

This is for two main reasons. First, so you can achieve better results, and second, to reduce costs, because we don’t have to deal with the development and production of parts purchased from Red Bull”.

The toast also added that Renault supplies two teams exactly the same power plant: “the contract says that we get identical hardware and software. It is quite logical, given the considerable sums that we pay”.

However, teams can share not all – there is a certain list of parts that the team should be required to make your own.

“It is important to note that none of the teams will not suffer from enhanced cooperation, since the results depend on the details that we need to make ourselves, – said the chief designer of the Toro Rosso James Key. – Any aerodynamic cooperation should be approached with caution. Difficulties may arise if some parts are incompatible”.

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