Red Bull: We expect a massive update of the Renault engine to Canada

Red Bull: Мы ожидаем масштабное обновление двигателя Renault к Канаде

Red Bull admitted that before the Grand Prix of Canada they should not expect from Renault engine upgrades.

Before the start of season 2017, many expected that the Austrian team will immediately argue with Mercedes for top spot, however on the Australian stage Max Verstappen in qualifying behind Lewis Hamilton as much as 1,297 seconds and in the race lost to the winner Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari 28,827 seconds.

Consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko said that Renault plans to introduce the first update of the engine before the Grand Prix of Spain, and then more major changes will be released in Canada.

The Austrian, however, added in an interview with AUTOSPORT that the chassis RB13 is far from perfect and needs work: “Though we are more or less satisfied with race pace, and we, and Renault ahead of a lot of work.

In Montreal they have to represent the biggest update, but before that, some details will appear in Barcelona.”

After the problems on the tests in the Renault was forced to return last year’s version of the generator kinetic energy (MGU-K).

Marco hoped that a large-scale renovation will help RBR to drive a wedge in the fight with Mercedes and Ferrari.

“We hope that, coupled with the finalization of the chassis the new engine will help us to improve, continued Helmut. Engineers are confident that they will, and work on the simulator confirmed their words.”

Team principal Christian Horner agreed with his colleague: “In this situation, everyone plays a role. In equal shares to the reason is the chassis and the engine.

We plan to modify the chassis gradually to each stage. Certainly our design office will work tirelessly”.

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