Red Bull suspects Mercedes in burning oil with the fuel

Red Bull Racing подозревает Mercedes в сжигании масла вместе с топливом

FIA reminded the engine manufacturers in Formula 1 banning the burning of engine oil along with fuel. The reason for this was the suspicion that Red Bull Racing is that competitors from Mercedes can do it in qualifying, according to AUTOSPORT.

In the course of last season, “Silver arrows” were often surprised at its high pace in qualifying, while in races they have the advantage of engine power was not that obvious.

One of the assumptions raised by the opponents was the fact that Mercedes has learned to burn in the cylinders engine oil additive that increases power and prevents detonation.

In theory with modern engines the teams have the possibility of using oil as a fuel because of the particular construction of the motor is high the possibility of its getting into the combustion chamber. However, this violates the rules because the use of chemical mixtures in the engine is limited.

Mercedes insist that it is not used such tactics and always followed the rules, but the competition still remained suspicious.

This issue was discussed at a meeting of technical Directors of teams in January, and all the explanation then insisted Red Bull Racing.

In response to the current Champions proposed to limit the use of motor oil up to 5 kg, but the other teams felt that this figure still far exceeds the standard consumption.

In the end, Red Bull has asked the FIA to clarify what’s allowed and what isn’t. In response to the letter, the FIA has confirmed that the burning of motor oil in the combustion chamber is prohibited, however, it is impossible to completely eliminate his unintentional hit.

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