Red Bull: a ban on the use of the suspension did not affect the result

Red Bull: Запрет на использование подвески не повлиял на результат

Red Bull Racing has admitted that the ban on the use of controversial suspension before the Grand Prix of Australia was not the cause of the loss of Mercedes and Ferrari.

Max Verstappen and Daniel ricciardo lost about half a second per lap in Melbourne, struggling with the problems in the settings and lack of power.

Before the tests in Barcelona, the FIA has released the restriction on the complicated suspension system.

When team boss Christian Horner was asked, did the new suspension on the shape of the team, he replied: “Hardly. This winter we considered prohibited suspension system and, frankly, having her on our cars does not help us to regain the position due to the additional weight.

This season we are working less efficiently than before.”

Daniel ricciardo failed to finish the race having experienced a huge number of technical problems over the weekend, and his partner Max Verstappen managed to get fifth place.

Horner is hopeful that his team can in a short time to recoup, and in particular by updating the engine Renault.

“Not so far was the Mercedes, about half a second away, continued Horner. Ferrari surprised everyone, of course, and they had the fastest car in Australia.

We were the third force, and to get into the struggle of leaders, we need to find somewhere half a second.

All race Max attacked Kimi [Raikkonen], but he couldn’t show the pace is similar to Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

It is too early to talk about the season, the rules are quite new. We chose a different concept, which, I hope, a high potential for development.

Weekend in Australia, has brought some positive points that will help us in the upcoming races”.

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