Place your bets, gentlemen! Overview of the betting odds ahead of the Grand Prix of Australia

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Австралии

Finally, the fans of Formula 1 waited for the start of the season 2017. This coming weekend we expect the Australian Grand Prix, which will take place in the famous albert Park.

With the start of the season we will resume in the heading “place your bets, gentlemen”, in which the editorial Autopartsway will analyze the odds of bookmakers and share with you my vision of events.

Commonly the start of the season brings a lot of unexpected outcomes. The results shown on the tests, often do not have to reality is irrelevant. The first race is always a chance for representatives from the middle of the peloton to show good results. Often, the first step is the real test of a technology.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Австралии

In the pre-season Formula 1 has experienced a serious technical changes, primarily associated with the increased tire sizes, and therefore with the increase in downforce. The result was increasing the speed of the machines.

However, we do not think that the test results should not be taken lightly. Significant progress Ferrari, which has been made in this offseason, mark all, and some even consider them favorites of the season. But we think that Mercedes is cleverly masked its strength, and in Melbourne we will see their real level, although the fight promises to be hot.

These two teams look like clear favorites of the start of the season, while the representatives of Red Bull Racing clearly is not enough power of the engine of Renault to fight with the leaders. However, we do not know their real power, and only the qualification and race in Melbourne will reveal to us the card for the season.

In General, the intrigue at the start of the season very much, it will be interesting to fans of Formula 1 and we hope that the first race will give us an unforgettable struggle and intrigue until the last lap. Experts of the Russian edition Autopartsway examined the line of the bookmaker Liga Stavok, noting the interesting options.

If we talk about single bets, the bookies quite carefully distinguish Lewis Hamilton on the other. Thus, the victory of the British is estimated at a relatively high 2.0. Second in the list of bookies, oddly enough, is a four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, whose victory is estimated at a rather low 4.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Австралии

If you remember last season, the German victory was estimated at about 10. This suggests that the bookies believe in the power of Ferrari. Our editorial staff think that it is possible to gamble on a German victory, to increase his amount four times. Next on the list are the nominal second numbers of Mercedes and Ferrari. So, if you put to win the rookie of the team from Brackley, Valtteri Bottas, it is possible to increase your winnings in 5.5 times, but if you’re sure Finn will be able to reach the podium, then there is also a relatively high rate in 1.6.

The victory of Kimi Raikkonen clearly looks undervalued at bookmakers and allows you to take the risk. If Finn will rise to the top step of the podium, you can increase your winnings up to 8 times. And it is quite possible, given his confident performance on the tests. In General, if to speak about reliability, then there is, of course, the Ferrari looks more confident this season than Mercedes. During the tests they were not persecuted any problems, and their race pace was very high, so we would advise you to look at their performances in the race, while the qualification is, in our opinion, clearly will be for Hamilton, who repeatedly took the pole and won at this track. So, victory in the qualification will be able to increase your winnings by 2 times, which is quite significant.

Next come the representatives of Red Bull Racing. And bet to win any of the pilots will increase your capital 10 times. We believe that in the first stage, the representatives of the team from Milton Keynes is unlikely to intervene in the fight for the victory, which is indirectly in one interview has already been confirmed by Dan Riccardo.
Fans of individual drivers can bid on their favorites. Here it is necessary to highlight the suffering of Fernando Alonso having a large number of fans in our country. His victory is estimated at 150, but you can take a chance and put in the fastest lap of Alonso, then the ratio is equal to 100. Generally, bet on the fastest lap is very tempting. Very often, fastest lap remains for someone from the middle of the peloton, and the values on it are great.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Австралии

We offer quotes for best lap: Hamilton – 2.5; Vettel – 3.20; Bottas – 4; Raikkonen – 7; Weight – 25; Ricardo – 10; Verstappen – 10; Nico Hulkenberg – 100; Quat – 200; pérez – 80.
As we can see, quite a attractive odds.

From single bets with an interesting factor of our editorial staff would like to note the following.
The victory of Stoffele Vandorn over Fernando Alonso in the race for the 2.8. Both drivers are extremely motivated. Stoffel have already proved themselves as a very unyielding pilot. Both have something to prove, but the reliability of the Honda engine can play a cruel joke with them, and in this case Alonso will certainly attack much stronger than his partner. The likelihood that there may be problems on his car, we see a more high.

Win over Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz in the race for 2.30. Daniel in all interviews before the start of the season says what is in the best shape. We all hope that the effect of the transfer to the Junior Red Bull team is behind, and Daniel will be able to concentrate on racing and to develop their full potential.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Австралии

Also worth noting is the high ratio of winning Grosjean over Magnussen for 2.0. In this pair bookmakers see the favorite Dane, but we think that the Frenchman is clearly stronger than his teammate.

For fans of multiples, we can offer two options:

• Kimi Raikkonen in the top 1.85
• Hamilton win – 2.0
• Vandorn higher than Alonso in the race – 2.80
• Riccardo above Verstappen in race – 1.85
• Higher Grosjean Magnussen in the race – 2.0
The overall rate of 38.33

• Hamilton above Bottas in the race – 1.35
• Weight above Strolla in the race – 1.25
• Vettel in the top three of the race – 1.35
• Hulkenberg above Palmer in the race – 1.35
The total ratio will be 3.07

Of course, there are many other options – you can dial in the Express and more events and increase your multiplier to over 100, but the more pairs you put in your parlay, the greater the chance that someone from the pilots will let you down.

By the way, for those who bet will be very useful to familiarize yourself with our material interesting statistics the Australian Grand Prix.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, and view the Grand Prix will bring you even more emotions!

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