Pirelli has not yet dealt with the level of degradation of the new tyres

В Pirelli пока не разобрались с уровнем деградации новых шин

In the Motorsport division of Pirelli is not jumping to conclusions about the level of wear of new tyres in the Formula 1 and believe that the second week of pre-season tests will be more revealing.

The official tyre supplier tried to prepare for 2017 rubber, which would allow pilots to attack stronger during the race and after the first tests it was confirmed that the wear is significantly reduced.

But Pirelli are cautious in their conclusions and acknowledge that fear of high temperatures during the season, coupled with a possible increase in the speed of the machines as of their development.

“If they improve the lap time by another two or three seconds, then we will have to review the performance of the degradation of the tyres, – quotes AUTOSPORT Pirelli racing Manager Mario Isola. I heard comments about the fact that the tires are working very stable, and can be, it really is.

But let’s see how will be held second week. With the improvement of lap time changes and the level of degradation”.

The head of Pirelli Motorsport Paul Chambre added that final conclusions about the characteristics of a new tire can not be done before the first race of the season.

“We believe that in Melbourne, the situation will be different, and most teams will tell you the same thing. Let’s talk about it tonight at albert Park, he said. – The degradation is, but again, better to wait for the race in Barcelona [in may], where the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius and it is possible to gain two or three seconds on the circle.

Three seconds will change the whole scenario. It is too early to draw conclusions. In any case, by the end of the season the cars will change dramatically”.

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