Pedro de La Rosa: Fernando Alonso start to take the nerves

Педро де ла Роса: У Фернандо Алонсо начинают сдавать нервы

Former F1 driver Pedro de La Rosa commented on the results of the work of McLaren-Honda at the first pre-season tests. According to 46-year-old veteran, Fernando Alonso is not so easy to endure troubles in the team.

“Fernando Alonso start to take the nerves – quoted de La Rosa in Speedweek. – The situation at McLaren has become more nervous, and Fernando more aggressive driving than usual. In the first and fifth bends the car feels unstable and sometimes lock.

None of the other racers won’t attack as much as Fernando”.

In addition to McLaren, de La Rosa said a few words about Ferrari from Mercedes: “the New car of the Scuderia looks great. I don’t know the fuel load the Ferrari on the tests, but their speed is impressive.

In conjunction of the first and second turns are best shown by the Mercedes car, no one not standing next to. The new creations of Silver arrows, a lot of downforce, and it seems that this car tires are tougher than others.

The new machine is a step in the right direction. You only have to return the noise of the engines!

From an aesthetic point of view I like Mercedes and Toro Rosso. Just don’t understand why again allowed these shark fins – they are banned just because of their ugliness. What was the point of their return?”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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