Paul: the Main thing that the riders are not darkened in the eyes

Пол Хембри: Главное, чтобы у гонщиков не темнело в глазах

The head of Motorsport Department Pirelli Paul Chambre acknowledged that the pilots during the races in the new cars will experience an unprecedented load.

Paul believes that the huge overload can potentially cause blackouts and short-term loss of consciousness.

“This is a shocking burden, because now we are talking about the overload in the amount of 5G during cornering, said Chambre in an interview with ESPN. – Maybe some experienced doctors will tell us that the racers are close to the darkening of the eyes, known as “blackout.”

When I watched as riders passed the third turn [on the tests in Barcelona], it was impressive. I am sure that the average person could not withstand such overloads. When you pass a turn with the overload of 5G, it might make you nauseated.

But again, it all depends on the track. I believe that the segment of 30-40 rounds at Silverstone will be extremely exhausting. I am sure that the race in the UK will be a great challenge for pilots. On the other hand, we see that they were well prepared for the new season. They are real athletes”.

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