Paul is leaving the post of head of Pirelli Motorsport

Пол Хембри покидает пост руководителя Pirelli Motorsport

Pirelli announced a restructuring of its racing division.

15 March Paul will take the position of General Director in South America, and at the head of Pirelli Motorsport will replace him racing Manager Mario Isola.

Nevertheless, the Chambre will continue to participate in the activities of Motorsport, particularly with regard to commercial negotiations, and will visit several of the Grand Prix in the upcoming season.

Isola will focus primarily on the technical aspects and the creation of a new structure of racing divisions.

“Paul’s got huge experience and knowledge in Motorsport, so it’s great that he will remain with us and will help determine the future direction of racing Department, – quotes AUTOSPORT Isola. – Do you think he will support these [commercial] duties at the highest level, as in the F1 Commission.

I am glad that he will continue to engage in this field, and I will gladly do the rest”.

While Isola added that he wants to change the relations between Pirelli and the teams and riders.

“I want to keep the approach to build relationships with the participants of the championship further. F1 is rapidly and constantly evolving, it is impossible to slow down. Here you can never relax”, he added.

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