Pascal Wehrlein: I don’t have enough experience to take the place of Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes

Паскаль Верляйн: Мне не хватило опыта, чтобы занять место Нико Росберга в Mercedes

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein said that he was not invited to the place of Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes because of lack of experience.

After the world champion in 2016, announced the completion of a career in F1, his compatriot was one of the main candidates for joining the German team, a protégé which he is.

However, Mercedes has relied on the Williams driver Valtteri Bottas, as the end of 2016 Pascal in the asset was only one season in F1. Toto Wolff that explained the decision Wehrlein Mercedes.

“So I said, – quotes Pascal – Experience of one season was not enough.

He [wolf] said, “We think you could benefit from getting more experience. One year is not enough. And in the second year of the pilots already achieving serious progress.

I think Mercedes wants to see in its composition the perfect racer, who rides to the limit. I had not yet reached its limit. It’s obvious”.

Also Wehrlein said that if Mercedes offered him a place of combat pilot, he could not refuse her.

“If you get the chance, you have to use it, continued the German. But you really can’t go to the limit after one season in F1. You can’t avoid mistakes.

Due to the lack of experience in some cases, you will choose incorrect settings. This is a normal situation.

And when you in the asset five years of experience in F1, you’ll make fewer mistakes.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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