Paddy Lowe: Williams has the potential to fight for the title

Пэдди Лоу: У Williams есть потенциал для борьбы за чемпионский титул

New Williams technical Director paddy Lowe said the team from grove is able to fight for the title even as a Mercedes customer.

“Mercedes supplies its customers with the same engines. The same principle should deliver the engines to its customers and other manufacturers, said Lowe. That’s why I believe that customers can win the title. The best example is Red Bull Racing, which is very well-cooperated with Renault, when she was not yet a full-fledged team.”

Once again paddy said that he was glad to return to the team from grove.

“This is a great opportunity for me – continued Lowe. We have achieved incredible heights in Mercedes for three years and I am proud to be part of the championship success of this team. But then I got the great opportunity to work in Williams.

In recent years, people often discuss the unequal funding of the teams, why some teams are very difficult to compete with the top teams because of lack of funds. No one denies that.

Our main goal for Williams is the most effective use of the resources that we have. At the same time you are trying to access to more resources is driven by success in our sport.

Do a good job, earn more income, to be able to add. If we want to move forward, then you first need to make progress in technical terms, what will be the result of increased financial resources.”

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