Paddy Lowe: some aspects of the Williams Mercedes stronger

Пэдди Лоу: В некоторых аспектах Williams сильнее Mercedes

New Williams technical Director paddy Lowe said that in certain areas Williams has more Mercedes, where he worked the last four years.

Recall that paddy started his career in F1 is in the team from grove, where he worked from 1987 to 1993.

“I first need to meet the team and understand how I can help her in the best way, said Lowe in an interview The most difficult thing in this situation is how to achieve the best possible results with the resources you have available.

There is no difference whether you are working with a single base, as I did on another team, or with what we have here. Processes remain unchanged, and I have no doubt that Williams in certain areas is already stronger than Mercedes.

I need to figure out what our strength is, and in what aspects we are lagging behind, and then to work on these points.

In recent years I have many times wondered: “what is the secret of success [Mercedes]?”. However, it is wrong to think that the arrival of one person in a team brings success.”

Lowe said that his return to Williams was emotional. However, paddy believes that all sentiments will disappear with the first race of the season in Melbourne.

“An interesting situation: first, you have feelings to work in his former team, and then you can enjoy the other senses when you are already in the status of the transition from one team to another, added Lowe. – But I am sure that once we arrive in Australia, I am 100% focusing on the team and will think only about how to make it better. Emotions disappear, when you are immersed in a competitive environment of F1.

Return to Williams – a great story. I’m still getting used to this fact. It’s been almost 30 years since that moment when I started my career with Williams in late 1987. Now I’m back in command and was appointed her first boss, Patrick [head].

At the same time, you need to think about the future and move forward, not tell old stories and nostalgia. I enthusiastically look to the future. I already like what I see.”

Пэдди Лоу: В некоторых аспектах Williams сильнее Mercedes

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