Oksana Kosachenko has commented on the attacks Greg Maffey on the organization of the Grand Prix in Azerbaijan

Оксана Косаченко прокомментировала нападки Грега Маффея на организацию Гран При в Азербайджане

A renowned expert in F1 and the Director of the Agency “Manuscript” Oksana Kosachenko gave a detailed review of the site Autopartsway in response to the attacks of the Executive Director of Liberty Media Greg Maffia in respect of organizing and conducting the Grand Prix in the capital of Azerbaijan.

Greg Maffei criticized the organizers of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan

Recently there was an interview with the Executive Director of Liberty Media Greg Maffia, in which he criticized the work organization GP in Baku. Can You parry?

Oksana Kosachenko: I do not consider it necessary to engage in a discussion with a respected head of a large company, became the owner of the commercial rights of Formula 1. Apparently, from the distant Colorado much easier to see what is being done in Baku to promote sports in General and not only Formula 1, as there are built the sports arena, at what level are European or even world Championships in various sports. I, at least, it seemed strange to make a conclusion about insufficient efforts of the Azerbaijani promoters, even without having been in the country.

You personally and Your company do a lot to promote a F1 race in Azerbaijan. You did not hurt, albeit indirectly, and Your work is assessed by the head of the LM negative?

Oksana Kosachenko: I believe that nothing happens accidentally. Indeed, bright statement Greg Maffey was made about a week ago, and appeared in print in the same day when arrived in Baku journalists from around the world when there is David Coulthard. From the mouth of David, our colleagues from CNN, the Sun, BeIn I have only heard positive feedback about the city and about the organization of a F1 race. I don’t think the new owners know about Formula 1 racing Grand Prix more than the former racer, which is now one of the best commentators.

As You understand the words of Greg Maffia that little is being done in Baku for business?

Oksana Kosachenko: I see No reason to compare Baku with the already established stages in Singapore, Abu Dhabi or with traditional European races. In Azerbaijan is not what it was not motor sport, it’s just now started to build the country’s first go-kart track. Just because there was a demand that did not exist before. Very quickly expanding fan club F1.

But it is impossible to force to love racing in one day, need a long and laborious work. And, by the way, those infamous 18 and a half thousand fans who gathered in the stands during the first Grand Prix in Baku, is also a very valuable asset to Formula 1, in which Liberty Media did not hesitate to pay 8 billion. And one cannot ignore the contribution of literally every race in the value of the asset.

What’s next? I think our colleagues from Baku would be wise. They just invited Greg Maffey to visit Azerbaijan in the third weekend of June. After this trip, all the issues will resolve themselves.

Оксана Косаченко прокомментировала нападки Грега Маффея на организацию Гран При в Азербайджане

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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