Nico Hulkenberg: new cars almost impossible to overtake

Нико Хюлькенберг: На новых машинах почти невозможно обгонять

The pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg believes that the vehicles of the new generation is very difficult to overtake.

Such a conclusion the Germans did following the Grand Prix of Australia, during which he was stuck behind slower cars Fernando Alonso and Esteban Windows could not approach them to a distance attack.

“I had hoped that Windows will have problems with the Soft tyres, while I was on Ultrasoft – quoted Nico. But the flow of dirty air makes overtaking in these cars is almost impossible.

I could go a second faster than Windows, but to overtake him I could not.”

At the end of the race, Hulkenberg and was involved in a spectacular fight with Fernando Alonso, but still the battle was only possible due to the fact that the Spaniard made a mistake.

“We Niko was moving much faster Fernando, but could not even approach him – said Esteban. – He made a small mistake at the exit of the 12-th turn, which allowed me to get closer”.

About the difficulty of overtaking mentioned and Sergio Perez, despite the fact that he made two in Melbourne: the first lap of the race his victim was Daniel Quat, and then the Mexican ahead of Carlos Sainz after the Spaniard made his pit stop.

“It is difficult to overtake because of the reduced braking zones and areas with limited levels of grip. In addition, the rubber wears out slower. If earlier for overtaking you need was a half second advantage in pace over another machine, now have two,” said Perez.

Нико Хюлькенберг: На новых машинах почти невозможно обгонять

Echoes of the Mexican and Lewis Hamilton, who said: “the Problem with overtaking worsened very much”.

Christian Horner about the lack of overtaking: it is Not necessary to do premature conclusions

In turn, Kimi Raikkonen is in no hurry to make premature conclusions.

“This is only the first race. This circuit is not ordinary. On some tracks it will be easier to overtake, others more difficult. Let’s see what will be the situation in the next race,” said Finn.

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