Nico Hulkenberg: In 2017, riders will not be able to go in full force

Нико Хюлькенберг: В 2017-м гонщики не смогут ехать в полную силу

Despite the fact that in 2017, Pirelli has produced for F1 teams more wear resistant tires than in recent seasons, the pilot of Renault Nico Hulkenberg believes that drivers will be able to drive throughout the race of the Grand Prix.

When the reporter asked Nico, will, in 2017 the pilots a chance to go in full force, he replied: “Maybe. But I still think we can’t go to the maximum, because at some point of the race, you can pay a higher price for it.”

Niko also has experience in the use of wear-resistant rubber, when in 2015 he got a chance to try out Michelin as part of Porsche LMP1 in the WEC championship.

“On the first tests and the first race at Spa with a Porsche I would get used to the buses – continued Hulkenberg. Initially I showed a good speed because I was driving pretty conservatively, because they are used to the Pirelli rubber. If you slide or ride aggressively, at one point you race it will backfire.

But nothing like I experienced in the car LMP. I was pleased to realize I have to constantly go in full force and rubber you won’t fail.”

Нико Хюлькенберг: В 2017-м гонщики не смогут ехать в полную силу
Renault focuses on Williams

New partner Hulkenberg Jolyon Palmer believes that Renault have made substantial progress in the offseason and in 2017 will be able to join the group of middle peasants, which, in his opinion, will lead Williams.

“I would say that the fourth power of the team is Williams, Palmer said. – And behind it is a huge number of cars struggling in the middle of the peloton. I expect that we will be among these machines. But we don’t know yet whether the fifth or the eighth team in strength.

In the middle of the peloton will be very crowded. Moreover, I believe that we are able to reach out and to Williams.

Renault has made progress, but the strength of our engine is only a third. It is hoped that the handicap will be permanently reduced. In gear we look up to Red Bull Racing… this team is still ahead of us in this aspect.

Progress Renault is significant: we have got good resources. Even if we start the season 2017 in the middle of the peloton at the end of the year we have a chance to become the fifth or even the fourth team”.

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