Moniz, Kaltenborn We do not intend to change the engine because of the problems McLaren

Мониша Кальтенборн: Мы не намерены менять двигатель из-за проблем McLaren

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn has ruled out the possibility of switching to Honda engines this season, in the event of failure of McLaren, the use of motors Japanese manufacturer.

According to the latest rumors, the team from Woking is extremely dissatisfied with the reliability and power plant from Sakura and can return to work with Mercedes this year. Motor Honda in this case will be transferred to the Sauber, on the machine where you installed last year’s Ferrari engine.

“We don’t negotiate about this season, – quotes Kaltenborn Racer. We have an engine supplier, and we are not going to change anything due to the fact that someone is having problems”.

Project leader of the Honda F1 Yusuke Hasegawa has also denied the rumors, saying that this topic is not even discussed.

“I’m not worried about this, he said. For me this is not news, so I’m not worried. Nothing has changed in this situation. It’s just a rumor. Of course, we are not going to change the team”.

, Kaltenborn added that the negotiations on the change of supplier relate only to 2018.

“We are negotiating for the future – continued Moniz, and we have a few options. Soon the decision will be made, but we have certain obligations to the manufacturer”.

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