Moniz, Kaltenborn Magnussen had to punish

Мониша Кальтенборн: Магнуссена нужно было наказывать

The head of the team Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn admitted that he believes Kevin Magnussen guilty in the incident with her ward Marcus Ericsson in the race held today in Australia.

Magnussen tried to overtake Eriksson on the inside in the third turn on the first lap, but in the end touched the front left wheel side Sauber, and then both ended up in the gravel.

In the end, Marcus Ericsson dropped out of the race due to a hydraulic failure, while Magnussen ended the race because of problems with the suspension.

This year the FIA has decided to punish only those riders whose fault the incident is obvious.

“I don’t understand why the FIA did not react, was quoted as saying, Kaltenborn AUTOSPORT. They simplified the rules so that a driver who committed an absolutely obvious mistake, got the punishment. I don’t know what is going to happen, because the situation was obvious.”

Мониша Кальтенборн: Магнуссена нужно было наказывать

, Kaltenborn suggested that before the next race in China this issue will again be discussed, adding that the fact that it happened on the first lap, does not matter.

“Yes, they must all be addressed at the next meeting of the management or as they there call it. – continued Moniz. – The fact that it was the first round, should not affect the decision, so I do not even consider such a response. We have no such distinctions in the regulations.”

Magnussen himself said that the cause of the incident was understeer: “Ericsson had the outer path, and because of the understeer I drifted in his direction. I lost front wing and slightly damaged the car.

After we replaced the rear wing, I spent a long test session in order to better feel the car. The most enjoyable moment of the weekend was the realization that we have a really fast car.”

Text broadcast of the race in Melbourne with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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