Mercedes will present a major update of the machine on the second tests

Mercedes представит большое обновление машины на вторых тестах

The Mercedes team is planning a major upgrade to the machine W08 at the second session of pre-season tests, which starts in Barcelona on Tuesday.

During the first week of the “Silver arrows” traveled the greatest distance in four days and became the fastest, demonstrating that changes in the technical regulations did not affect their form.

It is expected that, like many others, Mercedes will bring a large pack on the second test and focus on the speed of the machine. While there are assumptions that due to the changes in the cartography of the motor current Champions can add another, and closer to the figure 1.18.

On the eve of the second session of pre-season tests in Barcelona

“Certainly, we hope to make a good step forward, – quotes AUTOSPORT Bottas. – The results of the first session of tests is difficult to draw conclusions about the way we look at the background of competitors. Nobody knows what will bring the other teams on the second test and the first race of the season in Melbourne.

We strive to improve every day, and now need to build on what was tested last week.

As for me personally, it will be important to gather together all the obtained information, which is collected much.

We will try to analyze and add”.

At the end of the first week of the Finnish driver showed the best time, after the third day on the Soft round with a score of 1.19,705. However, Valtteri did not give it much importance.

“Circle time plays no role, since it only tests and no reward for the best result no – continued Bottas. So, we’re not too pay attention to it and concentrate on the distance traveled, the elimination of technical problems in case they arise. Better to deal with breakdowns on the tests than in the race.

Probably during the second week we will spend some time analyzing the time of passage of a circle, to understand the balance of forces. But the most important thing is that the team will bring in Melbourne and will look like there.”

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