Mercedes: We need to reduce the weight of the machine W08

Mercedes: Нам нужно уменьшить вес машины W08

Mercedes has recognized the need to reduce vehicle weight W08.

Previously the German edition Auto Motor Und Sport wrote that Mercedes has designed W08 exceeding the minimum limit on the weight of the machine to 728 kg, 5 kg under the new rules with wider tires, clearance vehicles and power plants.

Excess weight not only affects the time of passage of a circle, but on the road, because the team distribute the weight on the machine thus to maintain the necessary balance.

“I don’t want to go into details, but in this area we can definitely improve, – quotes the head of the team Toto Wolff – Under the new rules, you must find the right balance of weight distribution. We’re just doing now.”

Mercedes: Нам нужно уменьшить вес машины W08

Problem with the weight of the car is not only Mercedes: there was information that the car RB13 received an additional 5 kg of weight, when Renault set her on its MGU-K sample 2016. Moreover, one of the reasons why Red Bull Racing refused to use complex suspension, subsequently banned by the FIA, was the excessive weight of its parts.

The FIA banned the concept of the suspension of the Mercedes and Red Bull Racing

There are problems with the weight of the car and the Force India: after the pre-season tests the team ordered their drivers to lose weight to temporarily fix the problem. It is expected that Force India will be able to handle the weight distribution before the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

The Deputy leader of the team from Silverstone Robert Fearnley said in an interview “we Have everything normal from the point of view of the car’s weight. Moreover, the machine does not reach the boundary level by weight. To Bahrain we will be able to figure out where you want to place the necessary ballast”.

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